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Sliding Doors

When there’s trouble with external or internal sliding doors, Oshawa people have only one call to make. A short call to our company. We move very fast to address all problems and are also here for the full range of services on slide doors, ranging from French glass and wooden pocket to patio doors, and anything in between. Just say if you need repairs, the door replaced, or plan a new installation and let us take over. We are here for any sliding door service in Oshawa, Ontario, and ensure excellence.

Oshawa sliding door repair solutions

Sliding DoorsWhat’s the problem with your Oshawa sliding doors? Are the wheels damaged? Is the track bent? Something obstructs the door’s movement and it won’t close? Is this a patio door and it won’t shut – or lock, for that matter? Let Oshawa Windows & Doors handle your headaches. Just give us a brief description of the problem and see how fast we will send a local technician. With the truck filled with all kinds of spares and tools, the pros can replace the damaged components on the spot. With huge experience in all sliding doors & services, the techs complete their work in the best possible manner. So, if you are faced with issues, why wait? Let us know how soon we should send a pro to offer the sliding door repair service.

Have your patio doors or the internal sliding glass door replaced quickly

Is the frame of your sliding glass doors rotten? Warped? Is the patio door a true mess and not reliable at all? Instead of taking risks, make contact with our company to discuss your trouble, concerns, options. Should we send you an expert to measure and see which components – if not all, need to be replaced as well? Why make your life difficult or even take security chances with broken sliding patio doors? Let’s talk today.

Best solutions & service for those who plan sliding door installation

Then again, you may want something entirely different, like a new sliding door installation. Do you? Are you in the phase of taking care of things in your future new home and would like one or more sliding doors installed? Want a sliding door installed at your office? Why don’t you get in touch with our team to set an appointment for a free estimate? Would you like that? Tell us when it’s convenient for you, what you have in mind and let us offer the best solutions, send the best local pros to install the new sliding doors in Oshawa! Should we get down to some details?